Companion Piece

3 - The Bad Wolf

av Companion Piece | Publicerades 4/26/2021

On our first deep dive into New Who, we explore Rose Tyler's adventures in the TARDIS and beyond, court controversy with our opinions, ramble on as much as usual, and somehow avoid discussing her time as the Bad Wolf, We also hint at what's to come, reveal our next Big Finish Listen, and announce our biggest Quiz to date! (If you want to join our Listen of The Endless Night, it is available as a free download via DWM until the end of April) Thanks to all our Twitter friends, you can find us @companion_pod, and individually @irene_wildthyme and @ode_ollie (Apologies for the technical difficulties we had partway through, hopefully it won't affect your enjoyment!) Next time, we're going into the '70s with Liz Shaw!

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A podcast exploring the Doctor’s companions and their travels through time and space. Join two fans as they discuss, with the help of friends and fellow fans, the many friends and allies of the Doctor, from Susan, Ian, and Barbara, to Yaz, Graham and Ryan, and beyond!