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Abbey Road

av Compleatly Beatles | Publicerades 6/11/2014

It’s the end of the road (see what I did there?) for Compleatly Beatles‘ look at all the Beatles’ albums – song by song, album by album. We did it! We hope you enjoyed this journey from Please Please Me – an album recorded in one day – to Abbey Road – an album with one song that took six months to complete! Which song? Well, you’ll just have to listen to Ian and Dave as they take a long (a very long) look at the Beatles final album: Abbey Road. It’s almost like they couldn’t say goodbye.
But that’s not the end for Compleatly Beatles. We’d like to do at least one more podcast covering the films and we are also planning a question and answer show. So, if you have any questions you’re dying to ask Ian and Dave – maybe something they didn’t cover, maybe a specific question about their own Beatle likes and dislikes – this is your chance! Leave questions for us on the Facebook page, drop us a line on Twitter at @Sneaky_Dragon, write something here on the website or shoot us an email. We’re hoping for lots of questions!

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Join Sneaky Dragon's Ian Boothby and David Dedrick as they discuss every Beatles album and every Beatles song, one at a time. It's Compleatly Beatles!