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av Compleatly Beatles | Publicerades 3/5/2014

Here is the episode Dave was waiting for: Revolver – his favourite album by The Beatles! The Beatles take a giant step into the musical pantheon with one of the most imaginative, innovative and important albums ever made – not to mention one of the all-time greatest singles in Paperback Writer with Rain – arguably one of – if not the – greatest B-side of all time. Ian and Dave break it all down in  minute detail for all you Beatlemaniacs. We apologize right off the top for the excessive length of this week’s episode, but there really was just so darned much to talk about!
Also, some Compleatly Beatles thanks to a couple of our listeners: first, thanks to Marcus Harwell for metronome duties – Marcus figured out that Rubber Soul’s “You Won’t See Me” slows down by a whole three beats per minute during the song (Dave knew he wasn’t crazy!); and second, thanks to Layne for his great questions – one of which we answered on this episode (we promise to get to the rest, Layne!).

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