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The Beatles (Part 2)

av Compleatly Beatles | Publicerades 4/30/2014

Welcome to the second half  of our coverage of The Beatles (also known as The White Album).
Any of you listeners out there who asked for even longer shows, this one is for YOU! For anyone who didn’t want the show to get any more bloated than it is, WE’RE SORRY! But there is just SO MUCH to talk about!  To switch it up a bit, Dave and Ian are joined by friend and local Vancouver music legend David M. of No Fun who is probably an even bigger Beatles nerd than Dave and has the advantage of having lived through and remember the Sixties.
It’s a big, big album so we divided it in half – almost as though it originally came out as two records – and we divided up the singles that came out before The White Album as well so we also talk about the brilliant Hey Jude/Revolution single. The Beatles is a huge and complicated album and the history around it is equally interesting. The album was so big in every way that it almost stopped The Beatles career. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?
By the way, Dave checked his record collection and David M. was right: the Mary Hopkin single “Goodbye” b/w “Sparrow” was a double A-sided single and has the green apple on both sides. Glad we cleared that up!
If you’re interested in checking out David M. or No Fun, you can check out David here at his YouTube channel and someone was kind/larcenous enough to post two of No Fun’s early EPs as mentioned by David during the show. You can check them out here and here as well as their later single “Don’t Leave Me Hanging”.

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