Con Artists

Christian Gerhartsreiter Pt. 1: “The Unknown Rockefeller”

av Con Artists | Publicerades 10/16/2019

Born in Germany in the 1960s, Christian Gerhartsreiter had dreams of going to America...conning his way when necessary to get there. He would assume a number of identities, including an exchange student and a long-lost relative of European nobility. But his greatest deception was yet to come.

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You trust them with your life. They seem like a friend. Family, even. Anyone can fall victim to a con, and many have. What type of person intentionally tries to deceive, manipulate and eventually destroy someone with their web of lies? This Parcast Original peeks behind the masks of the most notorious Con Artists, and explores how far someone will go in order to gain money, power, and respect. New episodes are released every Wednesday.