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Ep. 39 Jamie Klingler: Know Yourself, Your Energy, And When To Ask For What You Want

How do you take ownership of your life? How do you overcome all the obstacles, the challenges, and carve out a you-shaped hole in reality? What does it take to become the artist behind the masterpiece of your life, and really make shit happen? If you anything like me, the sheer terror of what might go wrong, what people might say, of being outed as not good enough, not capable enough, not clever enough not whatever enough, is all it takes to stop it happening. Better to keep your head down, work hard, don’t rock the boat, and wait for amazing things to find you which, of course, they never will. But how about trying something different? How about going out there and getting stuck in. Try something. If that doesn’t work, try something else. Put your energy into it. Experiment. Get your friends, colleagues, contacts involved. Just do it. Easier said than done if you’re a terrible extroverted introvert like me. But in these days of global pandemics and lockdowns, where the frameworks of routine that we have come to rely on to guide us through life have fallen apart, we have two choices – what for the new normal to be decided by someone else, or make it happen for ourselves. In this episode of my podcast I spoke to Jamie Klingler. She is a serial starter of things. She founded National Burger Day at ShortList Media. She created the London Seafood Festival. But in a bizarre time when bringing lots of people together in a single space has suddenly become a terribly dangerous – and illegal – thing, she’s had to reinvent herself. We talked about how to harness your energy. We talked about working with people who make you raise your standards. And we talked about asking for what you want. And we talked about getting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to record a viral birthday message for your friend’s 100thbirthday. Enjoy this conversation. Links: Photo credit: Callum Baker

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