Building trust and security at the intersection of AI and CX with Joey Edwards-Lebair of Zendesk

On this episode, we’re joined by Joey Edwards-Lebair, Senior Customer Insights Manager at Zendesk. Joey shares valuable insights into the evolving landscape of customer experience (CX) in the age of artificial intelligence. We discuss how AI is reshaping customer service, the importance of data privacy, and the future of voice communication in the digital-first era.Key Takeaways:(00:00) AI’s role in enhancing customer experiences.(02:22) The impact AI has on chatbots and human agents.(04:02) The adoption of instant predictive experiences by retail and e-commerce.(10:33) Balancing customer data security with a seamless user experience.(11:18) The rise of biometric verification in financial services.(15:33) The significance of immersive technologies in customer engagement.(19:13) The continued importance of voice communication channels.(24:43) The future of AI in creating more human-like digital interactions.(25:25) The fundamental goal of customer service in the AI era.Resources Mentioned:Joey Edwards-Lebair - Zendesk - Trends Report - 2024 Event by Zendesk - for Relate 2024, our flagship customer event, is now open. Visit to get your tickets today. Join the conversation any time in the Zendesk Community at, or connect with other Zendesk users through our User Groups. Find one for you at Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news, trends, and big ideas from Zendesk.Sign up for a free trial at #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

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