Burning AI questions answered with Zendesk’s Peter Neels

On this episode, we’re joined by Peter Neels, Senior Director, Customer Experience Strategist of Zendesk. Peter shares his thoughts on the integration of AI within customer service realms, emphasizing the importance of a strategic, phased approach and the enhancement of both customer and agent experiences.Key Takeaways:(03:10) The operational impact of a phased approach to AI integration.(03:52) Prioritizing efficiently solvable customer problems through AI.(04:57) Evolving agent roles in an AI-enhanced environment.(05:03) The importance of agent fulfillment and capability enhancement via AI.(06:04) AI training tailored to mimic agent onboarding processes.(07:50) The necessity of baby steps in AI implementation for transformative business impacts.(13:18) Bridging the gap between technological capabilities and business readiness.(14:50) Strategic decision-making focused on customer needs.(16:12) Business recommendations for AI integration initiation.(17:19) A memorable customer experience narrative with Carnival Cruise.Resources Mentioned:Peter Neels - https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-neels-a48459/CX Trends Report - https://cxtrends.zendesk.com/Relate 2024 Event by Zendesk - https://www.zendeskrelate.com/event/819e790c-37ac-4207-bfef-ab965999c0ef/summaryRegistration for Relate 2024, our flagship customer event, is now open. Visit www.zendeskrelate.com to get your tickets today. Join the conversation any time in the Zendesk Community at zendesk.com/community, or connect with other Zendesk users through our User Groups. Find one for you at usergroups.zendesk.com. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news, trends, and big ideas from Zendesk.Sign up for a free trial at Zendesk.com.#CX #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

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