Democratizing creativity through AI with The New Yorker's Matthew Hutson

On this episode, we’re joined by Matthew Hutson, Contributing Writer at The New Yorker. Matthew has been writing in the AI space for quite some time and shares many important insights about creativity and the role of AI in a number of fields.We discuss:- (3:02) Expanding human potential with the help of generative AI.- (5:18) The importance of finding the right collaborative balance between humans and AI.- (7:34) The role AI plays in democratizing creativity.- (11:40) Applying generative AI in the fields of medicine, engineering, and other sciences.- (13:22) Strong AI use cases in the business world.- (14:44) Some of the challenges or potential downfalls of AI.- (17:15) AI regulation and transparency.Resources mentioned:Matthew Hutson - New Yorker - New Yorker | Website - up for a free trial at #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

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