Unlocking the power of intelligent CX with Joey Edwards-Lebair of Zendesk

On this episode, we’re joined by Joey Edwards-Lebair, Senior Customer Insights Manager at Zendesk. Joey shares deep insights into the role of AI in customer experience, discussing significant trends and the evolution of customer service.Key Takeaways:(00:21) The process and importance of Zendesk's CX Trends report.(01:21) Global surveys as the backbone of CX trends research.(02:30) Transformative elements intersecting in the current CX phase.(03:37) AI’s diverse applications in CX and chatbots.(04:59) AI's contribution to personalizing customer experiences.(07:39) The 24/7 availability of AI and improving customer-company bonds.(08:37) Rapid advancements in AI reshaping CX.(10:45) Leaders and agents' differing perceptions of AI tools.(11:30) The need for comprehensive AI training for agents.(13:51) The future intensification of agent-AI collaboration.(18:36) Consumer openness to companies using generative AI.(19:02)The public's increasing engagement with AI tools.Resources Mentioned:CX Trends ReportRelate 2024 Event by ZendeskRegistration for Relate 2024 is open. Visit www.zendeskrelate.com to get your tickets today. Join the conversation any time in the Zendesk Community at zendesk.com/community, or connect with other Zendesk users through our User Groups. Find one for you at usergroups.zendesk.com. Learn more about Zendesk’s AI offerings at https://www.zendesk.com/service/ai/ Sign up for a free trial at Zendesk.com#CX #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

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