Using experimentation to build the support experiences your customers actually want with Bitly’s Brad Harris

On this episode, we’re joined by Brad Harris, Global Customer Support Director of Bitly, to discuss Bitly's innovative approach to customer support. Brad details his experiences and strategies, shedding light on the integration of AI and technology in support operations.Key Takeaways:(00:13) Leveraging technology tools for role scalability.(01:09) Exploring AI and innovative technologies for distinct customer bases.(02:16) Differentiating two customer use cases at Bitly.(07:40) Using net promoter score surveys and CSAT to gauge customer feedback.(08:11) The importance of responding to diverse customer support preferences.(08:37) Adapting to varied customer support methods, including chatbots and automation.(09:07) The implementation of an AI chatbot through Ada in Bitly's help centers.(18:13) Discussions on utilizing tools for enhancing customer experience.(19:03) Reflections on the unexpected achievements of AI.(19:32) Continuous efforts to centralize the information needed by customers.Resources Mentioned:Brad Harris - - AI Chatbot - us at Relate, Zendesk’s biggest customer experience event of the year: April 16-18 in Las Vegas.Follow Zendesk on LinkedIn for all the latest CX trends, news, and product announcements.Sign up for a free trial at #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

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