How to climb the Matterhorn

There can be no doubt that the Matterhorn is the most iconic mountain in the world. It dominates the view from the Swiss village of Zermatt becoming a focus for Victorian era mountaineers vying for the first ascent.  Today over 150 years later it still represents a challenge for the ambitious Alpine climber. In this world of commercialism most people employ the help of a professional mountain guide but so did Edward Whymper on the first ascent back in 1865.  In this episode my friend and client Richard Williams and I talk about our own recent ascent of the mountain, how we approached it and what learnings do we take away for next time.  If you are interested in Alpine climbing, or even simply the outdoors this is compelling listening. Sponsors: @lasportivauk @petzl_official @arcteryxuk @lyonequipment @crudecoffeeroasters @evileye.eyewear @reality.maps @incoolcompany @bremontwatches @scallop.official  Supporters: @panorama_lodge_namche @vidrate @Everesttoday @kentoncool  #kentoncool #coolconversations #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #getitdone #Matterhorn #mountaineering #zermatt #climbing #mountainguide #crampon 

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