How can crowded events be made Covid-safe?

How much is the summer festival season to blame for the current rise in cases? What can be done to make crowded events safer? And are young people getting together en masse really aware of the risks of Covid and long covid?Faye Barker puts those questions to Dr David Strain, an acute physician and lecturer at the University of Exeter Medical School, who has been playing a leading role in the British Medical Association’s Covid response, in particular Long Covid with the NHS taskforce.We also hear what the organiser of the Leeds Festival told ITV News in defence of holding mass gatherings in a pandemic, plus from 16-year-old Tilly from east Devon, who was among several thousand festivalgoers to catch Covid at this summer's Boardmasters festival in Cornwall. She describes her Covid-era festival experience, when it became clear that the soar throat she returned with hadn't come from five days of screaming and shouting, and why she'd still do it all over again.

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