Needle phobia - what can solve the fear-fuelled vaccine hesitancy issue?

Does the idea of a needle injection make your skin crawl? And what impact does the common phobia have on people not getting the jab?ITV News presenter Lucrezia Millarini gets answers from Professor Daniel Freeman, who led a major pandemic study into needle phobia, and Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK, who offers ways to overcome the fear experienced by one in four adults.The pair share the shuddering feelings that build up in sufferers when faced with a jab, the origins of the phobia and the various steps that can be taken to face the fear.Plus, they offer thoughts on why the fears are more likely to appear among women than men and advice on dealing with other pandemic-related worries.Here are the helpful links mentioned in the episode:Anxiety UK's injection phobia fact sheet and booklet: Anxiety UK's Covid-19 vaccine support:

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