888-7 Effective Strategies for Overcoming Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction and Overview 00:01:34 - Stuck in a Thought Loop 00:02:59 - Sleep Disturbances and Intrusive Thoughts 00:04:20 - Challenging Negative Thoughts 00:05:35 - Guided imagery for sleep and nightmare management 00:07:05 - Numbness and Dysregulation 00:08:31 - Getting Grounded in the Moment 00:09:57 - The Problem of Avoidance after Trauma 00:11:25 - Reintegrating Hiking into Your Life 00:12:57 - Betrayal Anxiety and Reflecting on Lessons Learned 00:14:19 - Learning from Past Betrayals 00:15:57 - Seeking Encouragement and Validation for Trauma Recovery 00:17:25 - Responding to Angry Thoughts 00:18:49 - Emotional Overload and Isolation after Betrayal 00:20:26 - Understanding the Causes of Betrayal 00:21:49 - Maintaining Sleep Hygiene 00:23:08 - Using Guided Imagery for a Safe Sleep Environment 00:24:43 - Creating Trust in Relationships 00:26:15 - The Vulnerability After a Betrayal 00:27:55 - Reflecting on Safety and Trust in Relationships 00:29:31 - Schema Reprogramming in Relationships 00:30:50 - The importance of communication in relationships 00:32:21 - The Misinterpretation of Non-Verbal Communication 00:33:47 - Recognizing Opportunities and Healing from a Dysfunctional Relationship Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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