895-Lifestyle Interventions (Life Hacks) for Mental Health

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Enhancing Mental and Physical Health through Lifestyle Interventions 00:02:35 - The Impact of Gonadal Hormone Imbalances on Mood 00:05:07 - Anxiety and Autoimmune Disorders 00:07:48 - The Relationship Between Hypothyroidism and Depression 00:10:29 - The Perception of Threat in Modern News Media 00:13:16 - The Impact of Stress on Mental Health in Adults and Children 00:15:36 - Helping Children Understand Media Messages 00:18:07 - The Impact of Negative News on Emotional Responses 00:20:43 - Negative Effects of Social Media 00:23:18 - The Impact of Social Media on FOMO and Depression 00:25:42 - The Interactive Nature of Social Media 00:28:19 - The Cycle of Sleep Disruption 00:30:49 - Sleep Apnea and its Effects on Sleep 00:33:30 - Managing Sleep Disturbances due to Noise Exposure 00:36:08 - Dealing with Noise at Night 00:38:43 - Effects of Alcohol on the Body 00:41:20 - The Effects of Dietary Stimulants on the Body 00:43:56 - Educating about Cortisol Resistance and HPA Axis Dysregulation 00:46:33 - The effects of nicotine intake from vaping 00:49:08 - Challenges of Time Zone Changes 00:51:33 - The Impact of Shift Changes 00:54:05 - The Impact of Nutrition on Energy, Sleep, and Mood 00:56:34 - Recharging with Positive Activities 00:58:53 - Supporting Mental Health through Behavioral Changes and Assessments Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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