897-12 Signs of Trauma in Children and 5 Tips to Address Them _ Parenting Skills

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Signs of Trauma in Children and the Importance of Behavior as Communication 00:00:52 - Understanding Trauma Responses 00:01:53 - Lost Appetite as a Sign of Trauma 00:02:45 - Behavioral changes in traumatized children 00:03:38 - Children's Fear of Monsters and Bedtime Refusal 00:04:31 - Behavioral Indications of Stress and Fear 00:05:28 - Trauma and Dysregulation 00:06:29 - Physiological changes in children's brains 00:07:32 - Staying Safe and Protecting Yourself 00:08:33 - Symptoms of Trauma and ADHD 00:09:29 - The Significance of Perfectionism in Children 00:10:20 - Environmental Sensitivity and Isolation 00:11:22 - Recognizing the Impact of Trauma on Children's Behavior and Relationships 00:12:16 - Defiance as a Form of Communication 00:13:17 - Supporting Practical Tools for Everybody 00:14:09 - Possible Explanations for Children's Behaviors 00:15:05 - Vision and Hearing Issues 00:16:01 - Effects of Change on Children 00:16:59 - Recognizing Trauma in Children 00:17:55 - Empowering Children to Recognize and Respond to Vulnerabilities 00:18:47 - Helping Children Connect Triggers and Emotions 00:19:43 - Recognizing Traumatic Experiences 00:20:39 - Teaching Distress Tolerance in Children 00:21:40 - The Importance of Scaffolding in Child Development 00:22:34 - Mislabeling of Behaviors 00:23:34 - Addressing Trauma in Children with ADHD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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