899-17 Tips for Helping Someone with ADHD _ Relationship Skills

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Being in a relationship with someone who has ADHD 00:01:45 - Symptoms of ADHD: Hyper Focus and Emotional Dysregulation 00:03:33 - Hyper Focus and ADHD 00:05:12 - Breaking Hyper Focus 00:06:44 - Addressing rejection and frustration with ADHD symptoms 00:08:32 - Hyper vigilance and rejection sensitivity in ADHD 00:10:20 - The Impact of ADHD on Stress Response and Emotional Dysregulation 00:12:06 - Understanding the Challenges of ADHD 00:13:56 - Managing ADHD Symptoms 00:15:40 - Reminders and Alarms for ADHD Management 00:17:22 - Using reminders for better organization 00:19:01 - Transitioning and Implications for Organization 00:20:47 - Managing Restlessness and Fidgetiness in ADHD 00:22:40 - Strategies for staying focused with ADHD 00:24:30 - Strategies for Managing Impulsivity in ADHD 00:26:14 - Managing Communication Challenges in ADHD 00:27:52 - Triggers and Mistakes: Understanding ADHD 00:29:33 - Helping with ADHD Motivation 00:31:09 - The Importance of Organizing and Avoiding Loss 00:32:54 - Difficulties with Attention and Sensory Processing in ADHD 00:34:39 - The Purpose of Noise and Compromise 00:36:13 - Understanding ADHD in Relationships 00:38:06 - Compromise and Understanding in Relationships 00:39:46 - Importance of Self-Care in Relationships with ADHD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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