900-Stress, Hormones and Mental Health _ Understanding the HPG Axis

Chapters: 00:00:00 - The Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis and Mental Health 00:02:26 - The Role of HPA Axis and HPG Axis in Affective Disorders 00:05:03 - The Impact of Gonadal Hormones on Reproductive Organs 00:07:32 - The Impact of Caregivers on Child Development 00:09:59 - The Effects of Estrogen and Testosterone on the Body 00:12:30 - The Effects of Hormones on Sexual Behavior 00:15:08 - Progesterone and Cortisol in Chronic Stress 00:17:45 - The effects of hormones on anxiety 00:20:24 - The Dangers of Over-The-Counter DHEA 00:23:00 - The Relationship Between the HPG and the HPA Axes 00:25:37 - The Connection between PCOS and Depression 00:28:23 - The Impact of Stress on Hormonal Regulation 00:31:06 - The Role of the Endocrine System in Neurocognitive Issues 00:33:43 - Addressing the underlying issues contributing to cognitive dysfunction 00:36:19 - Dysfunction in the HPA Axis and PCOS 00:38:49 - The Impact of Stress on Neuroprotective Hormones 00:41:29 - Effects of Stress on Hormone Levels 00:44:10 - The impact of insulin on cognitive function 00:46:46 - The Impact of Opioids on Hormone Levels 00:49:17 - Strategies for Managing Pain and Hormone Imbalances 00:51:53 - Promoting Emotional Well-being Through Mindfulness and Laughter 00:54:13 - The Effects of Weighted Blankets and Vests on Neurochemicals 00:56:48 - Increasing Health Literacy 00:59:09 - Answering Danielle's Question about Cancer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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