Cousins By Blood

Episode 4: Under the Couch Cushion

av Cousins By Blood | Publicerades 9/3/2020

After Ivan and Amy come back from Arkansas, their first stop is Tawny's residence, Ivan's ex-girlfriend.  After Ivan's was arrested,  Tawny found the murder weapon in her apartment.This episode we hear from Tawny and her belief that Ivan was not the one... --- Support this podcast:

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Cousins By Blood is a true crime podcast investigation, unfolding episode by episode. In 2000, Ivan Cantu was arrested for the murders of his cousin James Mosqueda and Amy Kitchen, James's fiancé. Now 20 years later, questions about Ivan's guilt or innocence remain. So, the case is being reinvestigated by private investigator Matt Duff. New suspects will be uncovered, new evidence will be discovered, and the clock is ticking to Ivan's Execution Day. Support this podcast: