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Episode 301 - Crendor's Fantasy Life

The boys are back with another episode and this time Jesse has done the impossible! 7 whole days of exercise!? Is this a world first?! Also Crendor has officially spent too much time at the Renn Faire and now decided to write a book. What could his masterpiece be about!? Also a man learns to fly and apparently subway reddit is a thing. All this and more on this exciting episode of Cox n' Crendor! Go to to get 10% off during your first 3 months! Go to to get $5 off a Mouthwash Starter Kit including a refillable dispenser and a 90-day supply.

Om Podcasten

The highest quality non-content 30 minute morning show on the internet in podcast form. Hosted by Jesse Cox and Eric "Crendor" Hraab. Featuring daily news, sports, weather, and commentary.