Sisters over Misters

TV and movies across the world do not depict 'Female Friendships' as widely as compared to 'Bromance'. Kdramas are no different. Examples of dramas focussing on female friendships are rare. We got together because of our love for Kdramas, so it was a natural progression for us to bring to our listeners some outstanding heart-warming, quirky and unlikely female bonding stories in Kdramas that break the mould. Terrific Trios: Because It’s My First Life Be Melodramatic Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Community Friendships: Reply 1988 - The 3 moms Crash Landing on You - North Korean Ajumma Gang Warm and Cozy - Haenyeo Ajummas Female Confidante: Beauty Inside: Female Lead (FL) and her friend Oh My Ladylord: 2 high school friends reconnecting in their twilight years Her Private Life: FL and Coffee shop owner Bubble Gum:  FL and her fiesty friend Wild Romance - FL and her tenant Law School : Kang Sol A and Kang Sol B She Was Pretty : FL and her friend Unlikely/Reluctant Friends: Oh My Ghost -  Ghost & Female Lead , Ghost and Shaman Be Melodramatic (Eun Jung and Lee So Min) - Eun Jung goes ballistic Descendants of the Sun : Yoon Myeong Joo and Kang Mo Yeon  Mr Sunshine (Go Ae Shin and Hina Kudo) Poonam references the following:  Bechdel Test @ 15:00 mins Faulty Towers Clip @ 24:40 mins Music Credits:  Music from Uppbeat: License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art: Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Leave us a review or rating on the podcast app. You can follow us on: Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD Instagram @crashlanded_onkdramas --- Send in a voice message:

Om Podcasten

A Kdrama Podcast. 4 gals take you through the fascinating world of KDramas (Korean Dramas). They share what hooked them, what bored them, what got them asking for more, and what makes them continue to live in the rabbit hole that is KDramas! Come join the fun and spread the word! Music Credits: Music from Uppbeat: License code: LU8KUCTYYYAA2KKL Cover Art by Purva Bakalkar Contact Us: Email: crashlandedonkdramas[@]gmail[.]com Follow us on Twitter: @CrashLandedonKD / Instagram: @crashlanded_onkdramas Leave us a voice message or review