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Episode 007: Planning Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

av Creative Business Marketing | Publicerades 2/10/2021

How are you planning to grow your business this year? What actions are we taking that will move us intentionally towards our goals for both this year and beyond that?

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This is a podcast for creative business owners who want to grow their businesses online. Each weekday, Menekse Stewart shares a short episode covering an aspect of digital marketing for creatives. Whether it’s SEO, marketing funnels, email marketing, or mindset around growth, each episode is designed to encourage and inspire you with actionable tips. Menekse works with hundreds of creatives through her businesses, Marketing with Menekse and Cheerfully Given. She specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and marketing strategy, and teaches for organisations like UAL and ELLE Education. Find out more at, or email Menekse at