Creative Pep Talk

267 - How to Know Where to Focus Your Creative Energy

av Creative Pep Talk | Publicerades 3/10/2020

We all have a finite amount of time per week to pour into our creative work. If you’re like me, this question can be crippling! Often if I have 10 hours of creative time in a week, I’ll spend 9 hours trying to figure out what to make, and an hour making something halfheartedly, distracted by this question: did I choose the right thing? Is this what I should be making? That’s why over the past decade I’ve developed a framework for re-centering and refocusing myself as a creative. This framework is a pattern I witnessed and decoded from the careers of creatives that inspire me most. This episode will help you make progress in finding out who you are as an artist, determine what you really want and therefore ultimately decide where to invest your creative energies TODAY!

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