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How to pay for support when money feels tight

If you’re considering making an investment for your growth, but you’re struggling to make a decision about whether it’s right for you… THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU. It can be scary to say yes to something that stretches you, not just financially but in general. I’ve been there myself MANY MANY MANY times. Case in point: Last year, I hired a personal trainer for the first time in YEARSSS. This decision meant saying NO to a lot of other things that I’m used to spending my budget on (bye-bye fancy lattes and sushi). I even started crying a little bit when I said yes to hiring him -- he was so confused 😅-- but it’s because giving myself the gift of that support made me emotional. It can be tough to receive support, especially support that stretches your comfort zones. Choosing it gave me a rush of fear and gratitude. Hence the tears.  And recently, I made another big decision and chose to invest in a business program even though I don’t have all the external evidence yet that the money is going to show up. I don’t always know HOW it will work out, I just keep listening to my intuition and trusting that it will. Sometimes, that’s just how it is.  You take the leap before the net appears. You decide to TRUST. It’s scary, it can make you emotional, and yet, something inside you just knows that it’s right. If you’re in this space right now, trying to decide: Listen to this episode of Creatives Making Money Listen to your heart and gut Listen to your higher power, and pray on it Ask if this choice, though scary, will EXPAND you to new levels in life. And remember: You CAN’T fuck it up!!!! All decisions are good decisions, so don’t stress yourself thinking it over for too long. Decide like you mean it,Jamie P.S. I know you’ll make the right choice. :-)

Om Podcasten

How do you balance creative fulfillment with financial need? How do you create passive income so you have more time for your passion projects? How can you turn your creative dreams into reality? And what are the best ways to generate and manage that money to make it all happen? These are just some of the questions we’ll be answering on the Creatives Making Money podcast! Week after week, we’ll share the true, inspiring, behind-the-scenes stories of professional and side-hustle creatives who’ve made it, so you can learn the big lessons that will help you make your dreams a reality too. Hosted by award-winning screenwriter, marketing strategist, and serial entrepreneur Jamie Jensen, the show will spark a weekly conversation with incredible guests to learn how they balance creative fulfillment with financial need. Jamie brings you financial, lifestyle, branding, business and marketing strategies from top influencers and content creators in the industry. Inspired by true creative leaders such as Melyssa Griffin, Tiffany Han, and Julie Solomon (to name a few), Jamie aims to prepare YOU to create like you mean it and have all of the resources you need in the process. Through each episode, learn how to monetize, nurture, and boost your creative inspiration — so you can take your financial and creative fulfillment to the next level. INSTAGRAM: @jamielynnjensen FACEBOOK: “Creatives Making Money” SHOWNOTES: