Crickets to Cha-Chings

How Pamela 8x Her Revenue by Focusing on Etsy SEO

av Crickets to Cha-Chings | Publicerades 1/25/2021

Today on the podcast we get to hear from Pamela Lagoudakis, a student in my signature program. Pamela started her Etsy shop, Wonderland Book Sleeves, but found that she was lacking clarity and direction in her business. She joined my program in January 2020, and through the course of last year she re-branded, hit 1000 sales in her shop, and 8x her income. Check Pamela out at Download the Etsy SEO Checklist at

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Crickets to Cha-chings is a podcast for handmade entrepreneurs wanting to uplevel their Etsy shops and take their side gig to a full time income. Join us as we talk marketing for your handmade business, strategy to drive traffic to your shop, how to stand out on Etsy, and running an online business while maintaining flexibility for your family.