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11: The Disappearance of Michaela Garecht (Part II)

av Crime Weekly | Publicerades 2/12/2021

On November 19th 1988 two nine year old girls happily rode their scooters to the Rainbow Market on Mission Blvd in Hayward California. It was a beautiful fall morning, like many others in the Bay area, it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and the two friends were excited to be spending time together, and riding away on their own for the first time without a parent in tow. The market wasn’t far, just two blocks away from their homes, and they were feeling all grown up when they coasted into the parking lot and left their scooters outside the front door before going in and purchasing two Mountain Dew’s, two sticks of beef jerky, and two cherry flavored taffys. The two girls were so preoccupied chatting with each other as they left the market, they began to walk home, completely forgetting that they had ridden their scooters there. They hadn’t gotten far before they remembered, and ran back laughing, only to find that one of the scooters was missing. These two little girls were Michaela Garecht and her best friend, Trina Rodriguez, and within moments of finding one of the scooters was gone, nine year old Michaela would be snatched away from her friend, her parents, her happy and safe life, and she would never be seen again.Website: CrimeWeeklyPodcast.comInstagram: @CrimeWeeklyPodTwitter: @CrimeWeeklyPodFacebook: @CrimeWeeklyPod

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