This story really needs no introduction. Chris Watts is an evil son-of-a-bitch that brutally killed his wife, Shanann who was pregnant at the time, and two little girls, Bella and CeCe, so he could be with this paramour and live the life of a single man.Join us on Facebook and IG: @HARDCORETRUECRIMEWeb: www.crimesandconsequences.com-------->Get ad-free early releases of each episode, plus over 170 exclusive Members Only episodes by going to Patreon.com/tntcrimes or joining our Apple Channel on the Apple Podcast App.Sources:American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix)Chris Watts: Criminal Confessions (Youtube)Chris Watts: A Complete Timeline of the Murder of His Wife and Daughters (Biography.com)Twisted dad Chris Watts revealed how he killed his wife and kids in sick letters (Mirror.co.uk)Letters from Christopher: The Tragic Confessions of the Watts Family Murders by Cheryln Cadle (Book)Chris Watts Describes Killing His Wife and Daughters in Chilling Confession (New York Times)

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Listen to the gripping details of the world's most brutal murders presented to you by two attorneys who rely on their sarcasm and wit to plow through the horrors of the crimes. Court and police records are heavily relied on to ensure the accuracy of each episode. Listen to Crimes and Consequences for your weekly dose of hardcore true crime.