‘Zero-COVID’ Policy Has Revealed the Breaking Point of the Chinese Regime: Benedict Rogers

Large-scale protests have erupted in major cities across China, calling not only for an end to COVID-19 policies, but also for an end to the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), itself. This was sparked partly by the “zero-COVID” policy of CCP leader Xi Jinping, which has resulted in harsh lockdowns, economic damage, and even deaths. The protests take place at a sensitive time for the CCP, and how the regime responds could determine its future. Benedict Rogers, a renowned British human rights activist and author of “China Nexus: Thirty Years in and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny,” breaks down the evolution and various atrocities perpetrated by the CCP over the past 30 years. Rogers explains the significance of the current protests, how they are likely to impact global events moving forward, and why Americans should care. ⭕️ Stay up-to-date with Josh with the Crossroads NEWSLETTER👉 https://ept.ms/CrossroadsNewsletter ⭕️ Support our fight for the truth👉 https://donorbox.org/crossroads

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