Crunchycast Ep. 71 - Special THANKS A MILLION Episode!

In this special episode of the Crunchycast our host Victoria Holden (@sailorbee) is joined by good ol' Miles Thomas (@MilesExpress999) and Tiffany Chen (@lugiamania) to discuss the war stories in their personal journeys to bring Crunchyroll to where it is today! We couldn't have done it without you all so thank you so much and join us in a toast to the next BILLION!!!


All that good stuff, plus answers to your burning questions.


Victoria is posting videos on her YouTube channel.

Reina has a YouTube Channel, too!

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The Crunchycast is hosted by Victoria Holden and Reina Scully and recorded at Crunchyroll HQ. If you have any questions for our hosts, you can reach us at, or on Twitter at @SailorBee and @ReinaScully respectively.

Noah Hafford produced Crunchycast’s opening and ending music. You can find more of Noah’s music at his SoundCloud.

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