#026 Tony Gertz – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast

Tony Gertz works for a private company as a disaster planning consultant. He first became involved in cryptocurrency mining in the later half of 2012. He began his hobby, which later transformed into a part-time side gig, with 2 Butterfly Labs FPGAs and some GPU-based Litecoin mining rigs. Since then, he has upscaled his bookshelf operation to over 50 ASICs at various colocation facilities across the country. Throughout the growth of his mining company he has experienced the numerous ups and downs that have plagued the cryptocurrency community. Of most recent note has been his difficulties in selecting dedicated, competent, and experienced colocation facilities to host his miners. https://blog.cryptomining.tools/2020/04/026-tony-gertz-crypto-mining-tools-podcast/

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Podcast by Scott Offord