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PayPal Crypto goes live in US!!!! Uniswap farming coming to an end. Binance launches Ethereum mining pool.

av Crypto Top 10 | Publicerades 11/13/2020

PayPal now allows all U.S. customers to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Uniswap farming ends in 4 days, potentially freeing up $1.1B in Ether.  Binance launches Ethereum Mining Pool with 0.5% fees.  Ripple files for yet another new trademark in the US.  DeFi Platform Akropolis Admits to Being Hacked for $2 Million.  Here’s Why Stone Ridge Bought 10,000 Bitcoin ($162 Million). Reminder, all opinions expressed are just that, opinions.  I am in no way offering financial advice nor advising you to do anything.  This is for informational and entertainment purposes only. ✅Donate Here to support the channel! ✅  BTC Address: bc1qf43hcj6q50tauakey33p796rwxvlrcsgyhp7ue ✅ LTC Address: LMQKwrNzSBS9xfp8gSwAu1yBnWkjvJYZ1q ✅ Business inquiries email: ✅ Link to articles discussed: --- Support this podcast:

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