Cultpix Radio Ep.34 - Lee 'Sleazy' Frost

Django Nudo gives Smut Peddler a verbal spanking, celebrate George A Romero's birthday; free-to-view films on Cultpix; a new Top 10 and the kids film by Boarna Vibenius. The career of Lee Frost (1935-2007) pretty much covered every genre going: nudies, comedies, westerns, war films, thrillers and more, as director, producer, DoP, editor and sometimes actor.  According to IMDb: “Lee Frost rates highly as one of the best, most talented and versatile filmmakers in the annals of exploitation cinema.” "Surftide 77" (1962) - Frost's directorial debut, about a private eye who has to find a girl with a butterfly-shaped birthmark on her breast. So an excuse to show lots of breasts."House on Bare Mountain" (1962) - is a particular obsession of ours, not least as it is where the Cultpix Radio ident comes from with the still of  the werewolf and the beauty. Producer Bob Cresse is back in drag as Granny Good who runs a charm school that's actually a bootleg operation. "Hollywood’s World of Flesh" (1963) is Frost's early take on the Mondo genre, a  hilariously bogus “documentary on the film capital of the world”. "The Defilers" (1965) - Two amoral and sadistic rich kids "guzzle liquor, smoke grass, cavort with masochistic beach bunnies, and eventually kidnap and imprison a beautiful young girl.""Hot Spur" (1968) sees Frost tackle the Western, as a young man takes a job on a ranch, just so he can take down a high-and-mighty 'cowbitch' - kidnapped, beaten and tied up in revenge for what the woman and her husband did to his sister. "Love Camp 7" (1968) - created the Nazisploitation genre. Two busty female US officers seek to infiltrate a women's POW camp in Nazi Germany to... well, it's not important to the plot. They get caught, with torture and misogyny ensuing. "The Animal" (1968) - Perhaps Frost's most disturbing film. Ted Andrew boozes, smokes pot and spies on women neighbours through his telescope. "He made her an animal... Now all he needed was a leash!" is the unforgettable tagline. "The Pick-Up" (1968) - Another legendary 'lost' roughie that SWV found in Copenhagen of all places, thanks to a Scandi tour arranged by Klubb Super8. Friedman and Cresse play mob gangsters out to collect some money and torture chicks who steal it."The Scavengers" (1969) - Tagline: “They spell love like you’d spell lust, and they’ve already turned ten towns to dust!” This western sees Confederate soldiers trying to rob a Yankee coach of its gold."Ride Hard, Ride Wild" (1970) - Cashing in on the twin-trends of biker films and Scandi nudies, this pretend Danish film sees Lee Frost credited with 'Dubbing Supervisor', but we suspect the 'Elov Peterssons' directing credit is one of his many aliases.  We end this episode with the movie's theme song. "Zero in and Scream" (1970) - "When a man climbs on top of a woman, she becomes ugly!" explains a proto-Incel sniper. Tapping into the Manson/Zodiac zeitgeist, this film is unique in being filmed extensively through the scope of a rifle. This week's Spotify list.

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