Cultpix Radio Ep.37 - Rock! Rock! Rock!

The Smut Peddler is not amused by Django Nudo's bass player jokes. Shameless plug for the Jens Bådd special edition DVD combo package and JustWatch launch is imminent. Then we rock out big time to some of our favourite music films from the 60s, 70s and 80s.Wild Guitar (1962) - Arch Hall Jr might not have been anybody's idea of a rock idol, but his dad was a film producer, so this is how he got his rockin' start. He then went on to appear in The Choppers and The Sadist.  Disk-O-Tek Holiday (1966) - One of the best preserved rock films, scanned from the original negative and starring  20 great performances by vintage rock acts culminating in an astounding "almost live" medley by Freddy Cannon and the Ramrods.Musical Mutiny (1970) - The multi-talented Barry Mahon directed this rock film about the ghost of a pirate taking over a theme park and staging a rock concert. Iron Butterfly perform on stage in this lunatic time capsule from an era long gone.  Toomorrow (1970) - This bizarre sci-fi musical about a dying aliens seeking 'vibes' from a pop band on Earth was such a disaster that the lead, a young Olivia Newton-John, gave up acting for eight years, until her agent persuaded her to do Grease. Has to be seen to be believed.   Rock'n'Roll Nightmare (1987) - Rock band practicing in isolated farmhouse get more than they bargained for when evil haunts the place and turns the band members into demons from hell. Based on the success of this Canuxploitation, director John Fasano would the following year go on to make:  Black Roses (1988) - Metal band come to play in a small town. Conservative parents are won over, but wait until they see the band hypnotise their children into crazed murderous hordes. The demon band on stage looks like Finnish band Lordi.  Hell′s Bells - the Dangers of Rock′n′Roll (1989) - Documentary warning about the dangers of the Devil's music - if the previous two films were not warning enough.  Ola & Julia (1967) - A Romeo-Juliet story of singer meeting actress but their band/troupe don't get on. Stars real-life singer of Ola & the Janglers.  Grejen (1966) and Drra på - kul grej på väg till Götet / A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gothenburg (1967) - popular Swedish 60's band Lee Kings, joined in the latter film by a bunch of other popular Swedish bands (and comedians as their managers) who go on a madcap race from Stockholm to Gothenburg. Singing ensues.  Under ditt parasoll / Under Your Parasol (1968) - The band Sven Ingvars went broke (literally) making this bizarre road movie-musical: promenade orchestra 1912, pop band with electric guitars and revolver duelling cowboys in Desperado City!Blödaren / The Bleeder (1982) - Female rock band ends up in an abandoned house with a psycho killer. Rockin' Spotify playlist here.

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