Cultpix Radio Ep.38 - Remembering David F. Friedman, With Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird Video

Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird Video joins Django Nudo and the Smut Peddler to discuss the career of David F. Friedman, whose theme week it is on Cultpix. (We completely forget to mention that Cultpix is now on JustWatch and PlayPilot!). The Prime Time(1958) - Friedman's debut films had all the hallmarks of the things that would characterise his exploitation oeuvre (spanking!) and showed how much he had learned from film maker showman Kroger BabbThe Defilers(1965) - Friedman "brought his own personal quirks, or fetishes or things he would be passionate about, whether it be carnivals, spanking or whipping to his films," say Lisa.  So too in this film about two juvenile delinquents who date and degrade women. He invented the term 'roughie', but also his 'best film alongside She Freak.'The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill(1966) - A period piece, for which Dave probably borrowed costumed from one of the major studios. One of only two films his 'discovery' Stacy Walker starred in. The Brick Dollhouse(1967) - More of a crime story, but with flashbacks where everyone is nude. "The pot party orgy scene is the most tame orgy you have ever seen," laughs Lisa, or a pot party through the eyes of a middle-aged square man.Space Thing ( 1968) - "The worst sci fi film ever made," said Friedman. "It makes Plan 9 seem like Citizen Kane." Judge for yourselves. She Freak(1967) - "She Freak is almost a documentary," says Lisa, as all of the carnival scenes were shot at a real carnival. The dazzling new 4K restoration by AGFA, "just makes your eyes happy." Probably Friedman's most mainstream film, which he put his heart and soul into. Thar She Blows! (1968) - A provocative title, to say the least, but it is David F Friedman coming up with a new theme for showing people getting naked: Boat Sex (with castration!).The Head Mistress(1968) - Dave going back to historical nudies. Dave liked to bring a bit of 'fanciness' to his films, this one based on The Decameron.  Brand of Shame (1968) - One of 4-5 films Dave made in 1968 and not one of Lisa's favourite films - despite featuring the original Django Nudo!The Lustful Turk(1968) - At the time it was the most expensive adult film ever made! Features spanking (of course).That's Sexploitation (2013) - Directed by Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case) it was a group effort to tell the story of exploitation cinema. It was the last thing Something Weird did with Dave and also the last film of Mike Vraney before his cancer diagnosis. Lisa also reveals the time she wore a nurse uniform and handed out sex ed leaflets to audiences. There is also a Swedish TV special with Dave and Mike. Lastly there is the time Dave dropped acid with Cary Grant! Plus an exclusive on Dave Friedman's unpublished book. Don't miss the Friedman Spotify playlist.

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