Cultpix Radio Ep.41 - One Year Anniversary Special 🥳

Django Nudo and The Smut Peddler crack open the proverbial champagne to celebrate One Year of Cultpix. It is 12 months since the most weird and wonderful collection of film ever assembled for streaming were launched on an unsuspecting world. What a trip it has been.The good news is that with prices of everything going up, Cultpix membership fees stay the same. So if you were one of the early VIP members, renewing will cost you just $49 still - that's less than one dollar per week for unlimited films! For everybody else the price stays $59 for 12 months or $6.66 per month for the rest of 2022. (Spend your savings in our merchandising store! Buy Christina Lindberg coasters!!)DN and TSP discuss memories of what it was that sparked the creation of Cultpix in the first place (declining DVDs, censorious streamers, furlough fun, etc.) and what the build-up to the launch was like.  There were some sweaty moments, but we have a great IT team that saved the day many times. We then pick ten things from the past year (five each) to look back on that stood out. These include friends of Cultpix (we have over 25 film content partners - and three more soon), our amazing members and fans, the Weekly Exploiter newsletter, creating our own genres (80s VHS workout tapes anyone?), being a 'safe space' but not woke, Kitten themes and why we love to see our films on the big screen. We play a lot of clips, trailers, music, interviews and other ear candy as we look back. As a finale, we count down the Top 10 most popular films on Cultpix in 2022. What is the obscure Swedish nudie cutie that made the cut? Which three Kitten films are so popular? A woman director in the Top 3? And the #1 film that nobody expected. There will be a break for Cultpix Radio over Easter, but look out for some Cultpix Easter treats on the site in the meantime. We will be back later this Spring with the 

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