Cultpix Radio Ep.45 - Cannes, EGFF and VHS Nostalgia

A productive week at the Cannes Film Festival for Django Nudo and the Smut Peddler. There was the launch of the European Genre Film Foundation (EGFF), which aims to research, preserve, restore and promote classic niche films, as well as meetings and deals for more films from British and European libraries.  Thanks to our friends at Severin we had a 'Shock U Docu' seasons, where the new films included The Real Bruce Lee (1977) cash-in on the kung-fu legend's death, making-of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth (2000), and Ban the Sadist Videos! (2005) about the UK's 1980s 'video nasties' moral panic. One such film is the low-budget video shocker Suffer, Little Children (1983). We've paired it with obscure Southern slasher A Day of Judgment (1981).From our mates at Echelon we have an eclectic mix of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s genre bending films.  Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster (1965) - Originally conceived as a comedy, this sci-fi/horror parody became a serious sci-fi but with outrageous costumes and premise of Martian Princess coming to Earth (Puerto Rico, specifically) to kidnap women and re-populate her planet. The theme song could have been a hit. The Magnetic Monster (1953) - Doesn't actually feature a real monster. Instead radiation-electricity 'serranium' threatens to destabilise Earth. A film that put the SCIENCE into science fiction, and is made 65% from recycled stock footage, so much so that an editor was hired to direct it.   H.O.T.S. (1979) - Collage sex comedy cashing in on the success of Animal House. The sorority uniform of tight white t-shirts and red shorts is said to have inspired the Hooters informs. Features three (four?) Playboy Playmates, a  former Miss USA of 1972, sexploitation actress Angela Aames, and later genre movie veteran Lisa London in her film debut. My Mom′s a Werewolf (1989) - Bored housewife gets bitten by pet store owner in the toe (!) and slowly starts turning lycanthropic. Can she hide it from her family and will her daughter be able to reverse the curse in time? Real 1980s nostalgia viewing, plus a rare female werewolf movie. Time Walker (1982) - Alien mummy from Egypt terrorises US college campus in search of sacred crystals. It was the first rental VHS Django Nudo ever saw, so he goes into a nostalgic reverie.  The new BluRay of Thriller a Cruel Picture, with a behind-the-scenes docu by Cultpix,  sold out quickly. Meanwhile a new luxurious, limited edition Mexican BluRay release of the film Svart cirkel/Black Circle (2019) is also out. Plus always a new Spotify playlist. 

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