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From rap to representation with George the Poet

av Culture Call | Publicerades 8/27/2019

He opened the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a love poem. His series Have You Heard George's Podcast? won multiple awards for its commentary on black inner city culture in the UK and beyond. George the Poet tells Gris about why he gave up rapping, and the privilege ⁠— and emotional toll ⁠— of representing his community. Later on, we discuss the latest mind-blowing discoveries in science, from our early ancestors to extraterrestrial life. Talk to us on Twitter! We're at @FTculturecall. And let us know about the cultural trends you can’t get out of your head at Relevant links: George the Poet at London Podcast Festival, September 6: Lilah's Lunch with the FT with Alexis Ohanian: (paywall) The Financial Times Masters of Science series: The Financial Times review of The Doctor at the Almeida Theatre, London: (paywall) For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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