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How To Successfully Share Your Story With the World, With Expert Author and Publisher, Matthew Bennett

av Cure For The Common Life with Joseph McClendon III | Publicerades 2/17/2021

Your “why” is the most important part of any endeavor, even and especially when it comes to sharing your gifts with the world.Today I am joined by the “Simon Cowell of self-publishing,” and a dear friend of mine for over three decades, Mr. Matthew Bennett.Matthew and myself come to you today with the goal to talk through what it takes to get the gift you have to share to really reach your audience, in a world where 90% of books are rejected after the publisher peruses only the first page. And yet, nevertheless, a time where there are also more books being published than ever before.In today’s episode, Matt reveals which tactics his decades of experience (and 5 million books sold worldwide!) as an author, publisher, and consultant have taught him to increase the odds of succeeding in sharing your story.In addition, Matt will reveal why content isn’t really “King,” as well as how marketing, and constantly “moving the needle” can take your book to the next level.I also uncover a few behind the scenes stories from writing MY first bestselling book, as I reveal the procrastination that infested the early stages of my writing process.Some of the strategies and success stories shared today may certainly surprise you, so be ready to take notes! Tune into Episode 29 of Cure For The Common Life to hear more!In this episode you will learn:Some background on Matthew Bennett (1:13) Why now is the best time to write a book (3:45) Why you don’t need to be a leading expert to sell a book (4:22) What made it possible for him to publish a widely distributed book (with 3 million+ copies sold) on pregnancy, as a single man, with no medical background whatsoever (4:53) Why Matt always says, “Copy one persons work, and you’re a plagiarist. Steal everyone’s work and you’re a researcher.” (5:26) Why Matthew thinks your ‘why’ is the most important part of writing a book (5:40) The type of idea you need to write a book that sells (6:10) When content is NOT king, and why (6:57) How one woman made millions in book sales without writing a single word (7:16) The most common challenges of new authors, and alternate routes to avoid them (8:55) A few things I suffered the slings of in writing my own book (13:11) What Matt’s non-traditional marketing avenues are, as well as which type of books certain sales strategies tend to work best with (14:24) Why it’s NOT just about “getting in the bookstore” anymore (17:08) Whether it’s better to self-publish of work with a professional publisher (17:29) Methods to overcome the stigma of selling and fear of rejection (20:00) How to wind up with a deal that benefits everyone (25:10).Let’s Connect!WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect With Matt Bennett:https://writeprintsell.comSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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