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Learning to Read Right, Risks of Trusting Science, Trivia

Learn why phonics is the best way to teach kids to read; and how false science benefits from people who “trust science.” Plus: this month’s Curiosity Challenge trivia game! Additional resources from Emily Oster: Pick up "The Family Firm: A Data-Driven Guide to Better Decision Making in the Early Years" at your local bookstore:  Website:  Twitter:  "Trusting science" may make you more likely to share false science — but there's a fix by Grant Currin Misplaced trust: When trust in science fosters pseudoscience. (2021, July 26). EurekAlert!  O’Brien, T. C., Palmer, R., & Albarracin, D. (2021). Misplaced trust: When trust in science fosters belief in pseudoscience and the benefits of critical evaluation. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 96, 104184.  Episodes referenced in Curiosity Challenge Trivia game: Kids don’t get humor:  Glowing clouds:  Guilty emotion:  Follow Curiosity Daily on your favorite podcast app to learn something new every day withCody Gough andAshley Hamer. Still curious? Get exclusive science shows, nature documentaries, and more real-life entertainment on discovery+! Go to to start your 7-day free trial. discovery+ is currently only available for US subscribers. See for privacy information.

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