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Episode 151 – What's The Best T-Shirt Printer?

av Custom Apparel Startups | Publicerades 6/7/2021

Learn how to choose the best t-shirt printer for your business. Listen to this episode right now!

Om Podcasten

The Custom Apparel Startups podcast was started simply because we love both the apparel decorating business and the idea that almost anyone, with a small investment and a little dedication, cannot only start their own business but thrive! Our goal in starting CAS is to help educate apparel entrepreneurs about the business of the business, something often overlooked by people with an idea and a budget, but no business plan or experience behind them. We’ll be talking with the biggest names in the apparel decorating about things that are interesting and useful for all of you. Below are just a few topics we’ll be covering: Marketing Ideas Finance and Taxes Social Media eCommerce and Shopping Cart Software Pricing your work Managing inventory Equipment and Software Uses