100th Episode Special - The Best Moments

Welcome to CX Insider’s 100th anniversary episode, showing you the best moments from our expert guests, full of exclusive insights, finished off with our funniest & best quick-fire question answers! In this episode, we look at all the various different industries we have had on the podcast, featuring insights from: Retail experts like Marc Montagne (Vacheron Constantin), Dominik Olejko (H&M), Lysa Hardy (Hotel Chocolat), Sham Aziz (Selfridges).Automobile experts like Dr Clare Mutzenich (7th Sense Research), Andreas Shmelzer (Porsche Holding), Mats Bredbog (Volvo). Financial / Banking experts like Donata Peksa (HSBC), Ubong Nkanta, Jorge & Javier (Santander), Andy Willmot (OneBanx), Piers Watson (NFU Mutual). Finished off with the most iconic quick-fire questions from Katie Bowden (NEXA), Harry Ashbridge (Monzo), Andreas Shmelzer (Porsche Holding), Lysa Hardy (Hotel Chocolat), Andrei Calin (BCR Bank), Tom Darnell (Iris), Ty Givens (CX Collective), Jorge & Javier (Santander), Benoit Soucaret (Merkle), Sham Aziz (Selfridges), Andy Willmot (OneBanx), Mona Ibrahim (Bank of Egypt), Mats Bredbog (Volvo). Join us on this trip down memory lane!

Om Podcasten

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