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CSCP S02E25 - Chris Hadnagy - History of social Engineering

av Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast | Publicerades 11/22/2020

Chris Hadnagy is the Cheif Human Hacker of, an author, Ted Talker, top social engineer, and a sponsor of Innocent Lives Foundation. Chris shares how he is helping to lock up child abusers and the human history of hacking and scams. He urges young people to consider a career in cybersecurity so that companies can remain safe. The podcast is brought you by the generosity of NSC42 Ltd, your cybersecurity partner. Cybersecurity is a complex and different for every organization, and you need the best-tailored service to make sure your customer's data is safe and sound so that you can focus on what's important, focusing on your clients and bringing the best and safest experience.

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