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CSCP S02E38 - Craig Ford - From Architect to hacker

av Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast | Publicerades 3/28/2021

Craig Ford author of a Hacker I am, an architect turned into a hacker. Craig talks about cybersecurity, industry, working together as well as covering the basics and beginning in the cloud and cybersecurity The episode is brought you by Security Phoenix Ltd with the AppSec Phoenix platform you can make Application Security and Software development finally easy. Follow the tag #appsecsmart get a free 30-day licence quoting CSCP

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Welcome to the Cybersecurity & Cloud Podcast where we will explore the dark secret of cloud and cyber. The podcast focus on people and their stories and explore the human element that brings so many people together The focus of the podcast is > Cybersecurity > Cloud Security > Application Security > Social Engineering > Community building