1: Episode 1 - Cyber trends with Ash Burdon from CFC Underwriting

In this first episode, our Cyber Sounds team of Partners Tom Pelham and Ollie Dent and Associate Elizabeth Bardsley are joined by Ash Burdon, Cyber Claims Manager at CFC Underwriting. We discuss recent cyber trends, play 'Ransomware or Racehorse' and Tom shows off his impressions. 

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Welcome to Cyber Sounds, the informative and entertaining podcast series on all things cyber and more from global law firm Kennedys’ (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/) experts Ollie Dent, Tom Pelham and Elizabeth Bardsley. Cyber security and data protection are both rapidly developing areas, and impact businesses and individuals across the globe. We aim to keep you up to speed with the evolving nature of this sector as well as approach these issues from an alternative angle. We will share our experience and insight with both UK and global perspectives and bring you guest contributors from across the industry. Visit Kennedys' Cyber Sounds podcast hub page (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/thought-leadership/cyber-sounds/) Read more about Kennedys' cyber risks expertise (https://www.kennedyslaw.com/our-expertise/services/insurance-and-claims/cyber-risks/)