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Is tech actually good tho

av Cyberdeck Users Weekly | Publicerades 8/29/2020

This is a tough one because I'm fairly undecided. Are we sliding toward an apocalypse? Is too much getting worse to expect anything to get better? Is YouTube actually kind of a great thing? I've been stuck on this long enough that I figured I should just put it out there and let you decide. A lot of different thoughts here but I swear it's all connected. Thanks to ZappyCode for buying a fake ad this week! SHOW NOTES GaryVee still preaches the hustle gospel in the middle of a pandemic "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." @pierre_rochard (quoting Einstein) The pleasure of walking tall YouTube Udemy Melodics Amazon Citi Bike "How often does the software you use on a daily basis (including web apps etc) succeed at fulfilling it's core purpose, without unreasonable levels of friction?" @masonremaley Halo Band --- Send in a voice message:

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