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Our excellent dystopia with Matt Odell

av Cyberdeck Users Weekly | Publicerades 12/4/2020

Really glad to have Matt Odell as a return guest. Instead of an interview we used this as an opportunity to talk about our wonderful dystopia full of 30 hour battery life, folded proteins, and zero privacy. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES Apple Silicon Mac Mini vs iMac 5K Syncing Bitcoin on M1 Why it's fast Community builds of Visual Studio Code The Verge's MacBook Air review Redox OS with Jeremy Soller (I was trying to remember the word "UEFI") Apple bricks its own hardware Jailbreaking your T2 Mac PopOS PopShop Your Computer Isn't Yours (Matt's right there's no version with 32GB of RAM) @bunniestudios - I can't think of anyone better than @marcan42 to be taking on a project like porting Linux to Apple Silicon Macs! GrapheneOS Chromium OS Verified Boot bunnie's Precursor open source mobile hardware The Facebook headcrab Pod people in Ready Player One Protein folding is "solved" Matt shames Paul for using TikTok The Social Dilemma Lex on AlphaFold 2 What machine learning isn't Michael Rectenwald on "The Google Election" Edward Snowden Signal Signal is the Messaging App of the Protests Apple bans Bitcoin wallets (in 2014) Follow Matt Matt's laptop (My mnemonic is busted, I bought Micro USB cables) --- Send in a voice message:

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