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av Cyberdeck Users Weekly | Publicerades 6/20/2020

Something that's been refreshing about doing this new podcast is how little of my time is spent thinking about what "big" companies are doing.

But these big companies keep doing stuff. So let's talk about it!

Skate 4

Skate 4 has been announced!

Vergecast segment about Skate 4 in 2019 (at around the one hour mark)

Will Skate be the "Quake 3: Arena" of skateboarding games?


Skater XL

Burnout Paradise

What I also want is a skateboarding shooter game. Trick combos generate shields.

Hey email app

Vergecast interview with @dhh and Rep. David Cicilline

Starting to think big companies and big government sort of deserve each other. Will whatever antitrust tribunals we end up with this time around catch the subtlety and just ask Apple to allow sideloading? Or are we going to get a "Apple forever" mentality and enshrine it into law somehow?

Also patents = monopoly.

Audio tweets

Twitter audio tweets

I almost tried to care about this but I didn't pull it off. I always wonder if we can make it to a post-literate society tho. Interesting to think about.

PS5 reveal

It looks so dumb I'm sorry.

Also it has approximately 10,000x more "next-gen" games than the Xbox so far so I'm feeling pretty bullish on it. Might have to learn to use those stupid thumbsticks.

Wish there was a duck demo.

Lego robots

These are getting very, very good. Scratch AND Python? Yes, please.

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