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28 Eric Fox on his daughter’s coma & his wife’s cancer

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“You never really know how much people are willing to do or are prepared or want to help until it’s needed.” Eric Fox on (Eric’s daughter went through a long coma, wasn’t breathing on her own for the first five weeks and she had a 3% chance of survival). Eric Fox is a stay-at-home Dad of two, married since 1999, living in Dubai. In 2015 his wife Krysta was diagnosed with breast cancer but has now recovered. In November 2017, right after Krysta’s chemo, Chloe, his daughter, was involved in a near fatal road accident resulting in a coma for weeks on end with a 3% chance of living. Luckily she is well on the way to recovery. In our session Eric opens up about the strain the situation brought to their marriage and how they managed to turn their relationship around. Eric shares how he managed to deal with the feelings and fears throughout his wife’s and daughter’s fight for recovery. We talk about his situation as a stay-at-home dad, how the family deals with all of this. Eric also shares how Matthew, his son, dealt with his sister’s accident at the time. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: Always oblige when your kids want to spend time, you can’t get that opportunity back. Make sure your children understand that they can never disappoint you. No matter what happens. Check-in on the best, worst and funniest every night over dinner with everyone. Schedule important conversations with your wife and don’t try them when you’re exhausted or the kids are screaming. If your friends need your help, be the first to raise your hand. “Bring clarity to discussions. Say what it is that you want to say and also work out how you want to receive information.“ On a personal note: South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown has brought the economy near collapse and people are starving. If you, as many, love Cape Town and its people, please do check out our initiative and donate. Our aim is to provide 3.000.000 meals to children in Cape Town’s townships before the year is out. Thank you! Beautiful quote by Eric Fox: “When things became extremely difficult communication or the lack thereof became crucial.” Thank you for listening and sharing this episode of If you like it, please consider leaving a review, truly appreciated. Links from this session: Help us to reach our goal of feeding 3.000.000 kids in Cape Town’s townships before the end of 2020: Website: --- Send in a voice message:

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