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Catching up on Star Trek: Mission Chicago...Plus, what if The Next Generation was animated?

Catching up on last week’s news from Star Trek: Mission Chicago, including a new Prodigy video game, a Lower Decks season 3 teaser and details on next year’s con; I’m checking in on what Nicholas Meyer has to say about his Khan miniseries; and what if there had been an animated version of Star Trek: The Next Generation? TODAY’S STORIES: 👉 Kathryn Hays obituary 👉 Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 teaser 👉 Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova video game 👉 Spock and M'Benga's first names 👉 Nicholas Meyer on Khan 👉 John de Lancie for Playmates Toys 👉 Animated Star Trek: The Next Generation 👉 Roddenberry film cels 👉 Daily Star Trek News TeePublic

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